ACRO - Amplitude Conspicuous Eyeshadow 4.7g - 8 Types

Brand from Japan: ACRO. An adult's intellect and sensuality dwell in the eyes that are so impressive that they capture the hearts of people. It cannot be expressed by a simple gradation or one texture. That's why 3 colors and 3 textures are combined into one palette. A cream base with a faint color, a dry shadow with high coloring, and a wet shadow that turns on the shine. The more the calculated colors and textures are layered, the more the natural sharpness and the transparency that Amplitude values most are created. How to use: Spread the cream base (top) over the entire eyelid. Extend the color (lower left: dry shadow) from the eyes to the eye hole. By layering pearls (lower right: wet shadow), you can get a more gorgeous impression. Cream base While adjusting the condition of the skin around the eyes, it enhances the adhesion to the skin and improves the adhesion and color retention of the layered dry eyeshadow. In addition, a high blend of several fine pearls and highly transparent glass pearls. Finishes the eyes with a transparent feeling while feeling the color. Color: Dry shadow It adheres to the skin without powder flying and achieves high color development with a single application.

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